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Calendar of Progress of Horseshoe Bay


Norman C. Hurd and Dorothy Hurd search Hill Country for land for "second home"
They buy an island.
Rumors "Coke Ranch" might be for sale.
Permission granted to research land for possible purchase.
Norman C. Hurd background.
Norman contacts Wayne.
Wayne Hurd background.
Norman moves family from Houston.
Option granted to purchase "Coke Ranch" March 11, 1970.
Financing obtained, purchased May 5, 1970.
"The Highlander" announces purchase.
Norman structures purchase of 2,400 acre "Coke Ranch", the original Horseshoe Bay.
Development began in September when Chaney Construction of Temple, Texas moved the first dirt, adding a mile of additional waterfront.
Sales organization selected - guarantee.
Lake L.B.J. Improvement Corporation formed.
Horseshoe Bay Declaration of Reservations formed.
Wayne’s airport incident.
Horseshoe Bay P.O.A. established.
Original developing crews.
Lake L.B.J. lowered.
Fish kill.
L.C.R.A. announces 3,000 dike construction.
L.C.R.A. announces power plant construction.
Naming of Horseshoe Bay.
Original utility plans.


Horseshoe Bay chosen for "Pilot Survey"
Licenses granted by L.C.R.A.
July 5, 1971 Committee of Architecture appointed.
Jim Leming hired.
Jeannie De Alba founder of E.M.S.
Horseshoe Bay Security
Wayne resigns from Southland Financial Corporation
Grand opening of Yacht Club, December 5, 1971.
Robert Trent Jones, Sr. designs golf courses.
Fishermen arrive on lake.
Installation of communications.
Horseshoe Bay streets platted.
Wayne delivers last payment.
Tiny Gooch receives lot.
Building permits of 1971.
Lot sales began in June.
Norman and Dorothy’s rock hunt.
Miss Highland Lakes.
Logo Turtles.


Norman approached to purchase Wennmoth Ranch.
Horseshoe Bay South opened and lot sales began.
Marina opened.
Air strip opened.
Stables and tack room opened.
Original "Inn" opened. (Now Hide-a-Way)
Supplement amendment to Declaration of Reservations
Wayne and Eileen move permanently to Horseshoe Bay.
Horseshoe Bay South opened and sales began.


Coldest year to date.
Horseshoe Bay Country Club, Inc. was incorporated.
Slick Rock Temporary Pro Shop opened in December.
Slick Rock 18 Hole Golf Course opened.
Lower floor of country club merchants.
"Don’t Californicate Texas"
H.S.B. Mail Service
First permanent homes.
First tennis tournament.
Tom Adams.
"Things do go better with Coca Cola"


Second amendment to Declarations of Reservations
Permanent Slick Rock Pro Shop opened.
Horseshoe Bay Property Owners incorporated.
Lake L.B.J. Investment Corporation incorporated.


George Marshall found first parade.
Ron Mitchell joins H.S.B. staff.
Norman and Clayton Nolen reverse "wet" to "dry".
New Justice of Peace Precinct formed.
Horseshoe Bay Management Company incorporated.
Third amendment to the Declarations of Reservations.
Texas State Open at Horseshoe Bay


Horseshoe Bay West opened and lot sales began.
Rent-a-Car service.


Norman Hurd Center completed.
Front desk relocated to Norman Hurd Center.
Temporary tennis pro shop opens.
Country Clubs of America Left in August of 1977.
Captain’s Room opened
Turkey shoot.
Norman owns control of all corporations.


Horseshoe Bay North opened and lot sales began.
Hunting in Horseshoe Bay.
Anchor Lounge "Happy Hour"
Opening of "21st Hole"
Bingo at Norman Hurd Center
P.O.A. authorizes addition to fire house.
N.R.C. contract terminated.
Valerie White
Yon Joyoprayitno
Members of volunteer fire department.
Horseshoe Bay directory founded by Mac Abell.


Barricades on Highway 2147
"Poop Deck" opened
Basement of the Yacht Club constructed to house executive offices.
New "Inn" opened.
The "Tack Room" remodeled- now "21st Hole"
New dance floor added at the Anchor Lounge


P.O.A. developed "The Plan"
Cemetery studied - Mausoleum.
Mew Tennis Pro Shop.
Covered tennis courts, gardens and 12 courts opened.
Slick Rock Golf Course rated "Top 10"
Winners of Texas State Open 1975-1980.


Ram Rock temporary pro shop opened.
Ram Rock 18 Hole Golf Course opened.
Beach house opened.
P.O.A. transfers fire department.
Temporary water serviced to Deerhaven.
Horseshoe Bay Security turned over to P.O.A.
Granite Shoals Lake
President Lyndon B. Johnson visits Horseshoe Bay.
H.S.B. 10th Anniversary.
Golf Player of the Year.
Population of Marble Falls 1981.
Mac Boring sets a record.
Longhorn steer.
List of Horseshoe Bay Members of the Year.
Wayne present brief H.S.B. outline.
Guardhouse police headquarters.


Name change to Clayton Nolen Drive.
Chapel at Horseshoe Bay
Slick Rock Pro Shop enlarged.
Yacht Club enlarged and new Europa Room opened.
Merle Keiser and Betty Edgerton recruit.
Ladies Ecumenical Bible Study Group.
G.T.E. activates new underground cable.
Boat dock at Yacht Club expanded.
New Slick Rock cart barn constructed.
Jim Leming and Jeannie De Alba receive awards.
Cable television arrives in Horseshoe Bay.


Airport parking enlarged - Airpark Phase I completed.
Ladies 9 Hole Golf Group
New Marina building opened.


Boardwalk opens.
Horseshoe Bay Jonathon Cove opened.
"Inn" remodeled
18-hole Ladies Golf Group formed.
Horseshoe Bay Applehead area opened.


July 21, Applerock 18-hole Golf Course opened.
Dorothy Hurd purchased first Hide-A-Ways and remodels.
L.B.J. Investment Corporation purchased Hide-A-Way units and remodeled.
Norman C. Hurd purchased The Beach House.
Horseshoe Bay West installs "Information Center"
Mr. Robert Trent Jones, Sr. cuts ribbon at Applerock.
Cap Rock permanent Pro Shop and Pool opens.
Bob Weed and the H.S.B. Marina
Quail Point Lodges
Tony Delisle new Fire Chief


Horseshoe Bay Applehead Island opened.
Norman and Dorothy Hurd receive award.
P.O.A. income.
Fire station near completion.
Brad Pullen and Do Shytles.
Horseshoe Bay awarded Texas Sesquicentennial recognition.
Norman and Dorothy Hurd on "Walkway of Honor"
Hill Country Players
Airpark Phase II Terminal and Fuel Service facility opened.
Applehead Island
Morris Jaffee
Lake L.B.J. Improvement Corporation
Golf Digest features H.S.B.
Tom Kite
Mr. Richard Moree new Police Chief
E.M.S. Starflight
Sam Tarbet
New sewage treatment plant.


New cart facility at Cap Rock
Walkway construction started for project designed to connect tennis complex with Yacht Club complex.


Darrell Haney joins Horseshoe Bay Corporation
H.S.B. Country Club Award
M.U.D. ruling on ambulance service.
The "Soaring Eagle"
Fitness trails.
J.W. Miller Aviation.
Marina Del Bay opened.
Resort owned hangar opened at Airpark.


H.S.B. Library and Museum opened.
TELE-CARE and elder alter.
Unusual rock formations.
Dorothy Hurd passes away May 16, 1989.
Bill and Cheron Lucy return.
Frank King
Waterfalls at Slick Rock
Norman Hurd at work
Personnel planning offices moved below Yacht Club.
"Captain’s Table" area.
Original Cap Rock car barn remodeled into accounting office supply storage building.
Covered portico constructed between new personnel planning offices and The Yacht Club executive offices.
Additional office space was built in lower level of Hurd Center and old accounting office space remodeled.
Yacht Club Pool area Macaw bird cage constructed.
Yacht Club indoor bird cages installed.
Beach House burned - December.


Waterfalls constructed at Slick Rock #14.
Slick Rock observation deck and ladies second #14 tee opened.
Norman at work.
Dish antennas.
Vehicle stickers.
Properties owned by P.O.A.
Maintenance fees.
Dave Martin passes away - December 24, 1990.
Leon Stewart new P.O.A. general manager.
Ike Williams receives award.
"Poop Deck" remodeled and turned into meeting room.
Tennis courts 1 and 2 converted to "Sports Courts"
All 12 tennis courts resurfaced.
Beach house remodeled - January through April
Exterior statuary placed around Yacht Club.
Yacht Club Pool exterior beach shower construction.
H.S.B. Country Club Resort changed name to "Horseshoe Bay Resort and Conference Center" September 1.


Slick Rock Golfer’s Den and instructional area constructed.
New Slick Rock driving range.
New 18-hole Golf Association Officers.
"The Defender" fire boat christened.
Martin Park dedicated.
Slick Rock second putting green opened.
Growth of E.M.S.
Macaw placements around H.S.B.
M.U.D. fact sheet.
Facts and sources.
COR-TEN wind bells.
HSB Library & Museum closed.

Interviews and Sources

Norman Hurd
Wayne Hurd
Ron Mitchell
Bill Lucy
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Inot Tatsch and daughter Rickie
Mr. And Mrs. Hubert Schnelle
Late Henry Krumm
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Tootsie Nolen
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"Highlander" Special Coverage Articles
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"Indian Raid on Pack Saddle Mountain" by Bill Hoffman
Texas State Open Program Article by Bob Putt
Don Sherman - Willis Engineering
Cris Kosewick, Betty McNabb, Mark Hagar, John Mattas - "Highlander" articles
Diana Collins, Marble Falls Library
Elizabeth Patranella, HSB Herald
Annlies Wennmoth
John Nunnally

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