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Obviously, sooner or later, someone would attempt to capture the intrigue of Horseshoe Bay Resort and Conference Center. My efforts might be compared to the court witness called to the stand to be questioned about his seeing a man bite off his neighbor’s ear. Upon cross-examining he replied, "Oh! I didn’t see anyone bite anything off sir," "In that case, why are you here?" asked the judge, "Cause I’m the one who saw him spit it out."

Built upon 5,500 acres of land with a potential of 7,000 lots, its average single family residential lot is one-quarter acre. Horseshoe Bay nestles along a 23-mile lake, 2 miles wide at the widest point and approximately 80-feet deep. There are some channels running as deep as 120 feet.

If one could taste time. Tremendous odds, courage and determination mixed with incredible results; Horseshoe Bay would be its flavor!

Many and varied are its amenities and activities. Choose what you wish but whatever you do, don’t pass up the opportunity to "Experience" beautiful Horseshoe Bay! Enjoy its good life! You deserve it!

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